Walking on the North Yorkshire Moors - click on the images for full size version

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The heathland where Sarah had a close encounter with England's only poisonous snake, an Adder!
Approaching the village of Goathland
A "grouse butt"- use as somewhere to lean against whilst engaging in shooting of grouse...reserved for the Royal family etc etc..
A "Millenium Beacon" which was part of a chain that were lit on Dec 31st 1999 across the country.
A view across the Eskdale valley, close to our B&B
Scanning the route ahead, and checking for snakes (note the jacket - from christmas)
Sheep running from us walkers near a disused quarry on the moors
The pictures below are taken in a village called Goathland used for filiming a British TV series called "Heartbeat" in which the village is called "Aidensfield". Heartbeat is also show on TVO in Canada.
Approaching Goathland from above
No fences here, the hen's and sheep are free to roam onto the road
The village pub - a major venue in the TV series.
The village church