The Borders, Hadrian's Wall and Roman Remains - click on the images for full size version

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In England
In Scotland...note the little red car in the background
Looking back into Scotland
A small surviving section of Hadrian's Wall
Looking down the wall - notice how it disappears in the distance
A section of the wall, showing where a "turret" would have been located.
The following pictures are from "Vindolanda"; A Roman Fort, currently undergoing excavation just to the south of Hadrian's Wall.
Current excavation work
A completed section of the site, complete with walkway's for viewing
The foundations of civilian houses around the fort
Remains of a Roman bath-house
Another section of the bath-house
Inside the bath-house - the upright stones were seats
A cross section of a Roman Hypercourse (underfloor heating) - note how the floor is raised by small pillars to allow the heat to circulate underneath
A Roman latrine
A close up plan of the bath-house